Tracking Social Media Activation

With the integration of social media into activation programs for sponsors, it’s important to be able to establish goals, key performance indicators (KPIs) and to monitor and measure accordingly.  I’m a complete novice when it comes to social media tracking but as a follow up to my post on activation at the Summer Olympics in London, I decided to test out a social media tracking tool to evaluate the sentiment around Coca-Cola’s activation in Olympic Park.

There are many free and paid sources across the web that can support an organization’s ability to track common (KPIs) across social media including but not limited to visits, unique visitors, members, posts, comments, ratings, views, mentions and sentiment .   Many of the paid social media monitoring and measurement services are highlighted in Jeremiah Owang’s blog.  For organizations looking for a more budget friendly option there are also free sources such as Google Alerts, Monitter, Wildfire, Addictomatic and Social Mention.

For the purpose of my research, I decided to test out Addictomatic‘s complimentary service because of its ability to provide a custom page of search results across multiple social media platforms.   After entering Coca-Cola Beatbox in the key word search, Addictomatic provided me with search highlights across Twitter, Wordsearch, Friendfeed, Google Blog Search, YouTube abd Flickr.  I then decided to focus on comments through Friendfeed as Coca-Cola placed an emphasis on social networking platforms at the Beatbox in Olympic Park.  A highlight of comments are listed below to which I applied a sentiment score in accordance with netnography analysis ( -1 = negative comment, 0 = neutral comment and +1 =positive comment):

Comment Sentiment Score
RT @architectmag Sure, Coca-Cola’s   interactive pavilion for #London2012 is promotional, but it’s also #Awesome… +1
Check out my photo from the   Coca-Cola BeatBox on the Olympic Park!… +1
Coca Cola’s Olympic Beatbox is a   Building with a Beat : TreeHugger… 0
Just posted a photo @ Coca-Cola   Beatbox – Olympic Park…August 8from Twitter- Comment- Like-   Share 0
Coca Cola Beatbox Personal – immer   gut gelaunt #cokesummer #Olympics… +1
RT @11AliveNews: Karyn and Chesley   check out London’s Coca-Cola Beatbox 0
gorgeous installation: pernilla   & asif: coca-cola beatbox:… via   @addthis +1
coca-cola beatbox @ Coca-Cola   Beatbox – Olympic Park… 0
Kol’s   Fav Feeds – GeneralLondon’s Coca-Cola ‘Beatbox’   building is a giant music remixer –… 0
Coca-Cola’s Beatbox Pavilion   Will Inspire Olympic Visitors to ‘Move to the Beat of London 2012′…July 24from TwitterCommentLikeShare +1

To summarize my findings, the overall sentiment using Addictomatic was split 50/50 between neutral and positive comments.   I’m quite surprised at how limited the results were.  Over 200,000 people toured the Beatbox over the Olympics and each participant received a unique redemption code to collect their official photo with the Olypmic torch which Coke encouraged to be shared  via Facebook and Twitter.  This begs the question whether the data I collected was due to user error  (i.e me), timing of my analysis (i.e. four months after the Games) or whether free services provide enough information to allow social media activation to be monitored correctly?

What has been your experience with free Social Media Tracking Tools?  Do you have a preference for specific tools and why?

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3 Responses to Tracking Social Media Activation

  1. susanrooney says:

    Your comments on timing of your review vs Olympics goes to the issue of ROI…in that I am sure it cost plenty for CocaCola to be involved in the Olympics yet mere months later, there is little residual effect. This might be a challenge to explain were you the product manager responsible for the social media platform for Coca Cola. At least I would think so.

  2. Think your blog is great. I like the way you looked at KPI’s and organized your approach. I was initially surprised by the sentiment score, but then realized CocaCola has always been a part of a great polarizing debate. Remember, take the taste test back in the 90’s…?

  3. VM says:

    Interesting topic to research. One would think that a large company like Coke would have a a majority of favorable posts. I guess it goes to show that it doesn’t matter how big you are but how well you execute.

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