The Power of Blogging

Blogging is one of the most popular social media channels today with the potential to attract a large number of visitors.  Specifically from a sponsor property perspective, I believe a corporate blog can provide the following benefits at relatively low-cost:

1)      Fresh insightful content which supports search engine optimization, multiple website visits and an increased likelihood that people will find your organization through search engines.

2)      The enhancement of an organizations brand and credibility which will position the organization as an attractive sponsor proposition.

3)      The opportunity to engage and develop a lasting relationship with customers and potential customers.

4)      Opportunity to create unique content in association with sponsors.

Top 3 tips to leverage the power of blogging

The web is full of tips and tricks on how to leverage the power of blogging.  Here are my top three tips for a sponsor property:

1) Plan.  A successful blog requires careful planning.  Set objectives and develop a blog policy to guide content creation, engagement and promotion.  Also be sure to develop a strategy to include exciting unique content in association with strategic sponsors.

2) Use Keywords. The key driver of traffic to a blog is the publication of interesting and insightful content and the selection of keywords is integral to SEO.  An increase in traffic will not only add appeal to a property but can also increase the interest of existing sponsors and will add value to new sponsor packages.   The following website is a useful tool to support the development of keywords for a blog.

3) Follow the 4 Pillars of Writing Exceptional Blogs.  We are all busy and have so many competing demands every day, so keep your blog simple and easy to read for visitors so that they want to return again and again.

Do you agree that blogging is a powerful tool for organizations?    Please take a moment to answer the poll below.  Thank you.

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1 Response to The Power of Blogging

  1. susanrooney says:

    Hey Susanna. enjoyed your most recent post, as always! You have a great visual design layout, makes it so easy to read. a very creative marketing person. keep up the good work!

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